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Tips on how to treat people w/disabilities

DISABILITY TERMINOLOGY: PEOPLE-FIRST LANGUAGE INSTEAD OF SAYING: USE: Disabled -OR- crippled ­-OR- Person with a disability -OR- Lame -OR- afflicted -OR - handicapped Person who has a disability Confined to a wheelchair -OR- Person who uses a wheelchair -OR- Wheelchair-bound Person who has a wheelchair The mentally retarded People who have mental retardation The blind Person with blindness -OR- Person with low vision The deaf -OR- deaf mute -OR- Person who is deaf -OR- deaf and dumb Person with a hearing impairment Invalid Person who is paralyzed -OR- Person who has paraplegia/quadriplegia Crazy -OR- insane -OR- nuts Person who has a mental illness DISABILITY ETIQUETTE Why do we need disability terminology and/or disability etiquette? Because one in five Americans has a disability. That means approximately 49 million Americans have a disability, which makes people with disabilities the largest single minority group in the US. Kansas and Missouri have an even higher percen…