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Guide Dog


AngelPaws Inc. Executive Advisory Board Meeting

AngelPaws Inc. Executive Advisory Board Meeting Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013 6 – 7 p.m. 9023 N.W. Anglia Road, Kansas City, MO 64155 AGENDA 1. Welcome and introductions – Marsha Hienes 2. Old Business -- Board Member Cookout --Conflict of Interest Statement (this was e-mailed earlier for the board's review) 3. New Business - - Met with Amber Thurston, grant writer, on Feb. 5. Discussed applying for Hallmark grant (also the cash donation, volunteers, request for sponsorship through Hallmark). Discussed applying to foundations and grants having to do with fundraising, development, etc. - -Fundraiser ideas: Picnic in the park or picnic by the river; See’s Candy Easter fundraiser - -Presentation March 1 to CFI staff --Presentation March 5 to the Psychology/Sociology club at Park University - -Called Audry Nicols at Zona Rosa regarding Assistance Dog Week --Strategic planning at March 19 meeting? 4. Other Business --Guidelines for board members sharing a position 5.…

Down Stay

Shelly says my Down Stays r getting better. She told me Down & Stay while she give Boo a bite of food. Shelly told me I did good and was Very Good Girl! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ME!