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Went with my Shelly and mom to meeting toda, they told me what a good job i did. They had cookies & cupcakes & all kind of yummy stuff, i wanted so bad to get a bite of it all. Shelly told me "Leave It" so i did. Ther was another dog at meeting, he start barking when he saw me. Shelly & mom told my "Mind Your Business", i did. Didnt eat crumbs off floor, no trash.

Jewell did good! Jewell made my Shelly proud! Yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Me sooooooooooooo happy.

Working Hard

My Shelly had meeting today at hotel, the meeting was very long. From meeting I went to lunch with my Shelly & mom, I lay by my Shelly and did not move til time to leave to go out. Then went back to meeting & lay by my Shelly. Meetin start at 8:00 over at 3:30, I lay by Shelly the whole day. Shelly & mom say I was very good girl & they were very proud! Yayyy for Jewell.