Almost 2 months at new home

Time for my Shelly to start on my 2 month monthly report, whatever that is. Shelly has been working on getting me to help her tranfer when we wake up, I did it 2 times. I think I did good. My Shelly told me "Good Girl", so must have done good. Yay!! Sometimes I dont help transfer, I hear Boo & my Shelly's mom outside room door and wanna get out. I wanna help my Shelly, wanna get out too. Working on button to open door, cant quite get it. Not sure where to "Tap It". I get it soon! I work hard! Jewell want to help my Shelly, not sure how!

My Shelly told I get 2 go with her 2 meet her state representative person. Not sure what that means!

Still getting used 2 new home!!


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