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Meeting w/State Rep?

I got to meet my Shelly's State Rep, still not sure what a State Rep is. I was excited to get to meet him! He, I think name was Silvy, came to Shelly house Friday morning, talked to Shelly & her mom. He gave Shelly plaq calledd a House Resolution, they were happy. Then he went down stairs to talk to David.

My Shelly mom was proud. Shelly mom show David & David was happy! Mom gonna write story for newspaper in what they call back home.


I braced, picked up highlighter for my Shelly & came running when she called my name. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I think Im getting this working thing. I like to work, wish I could work outside with my Shelly. It tooooooooooooo cccccccccooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllddddddddddddddddd!!!

Hey People

I did good yesterday. My Shelly told me so.

I went to vet office yesterday with Boo, my Shelly & her mom. Went to keep Boo company, she had dr appointment. I got weighed, gained 1lb. there goes my girlish figure! Boo & Shelly's mom went to see the dr & me & my Shelly stayed in waiting area with 2 Kitties. I did not try to chase them all I did was smell. Also there was a bird in a cage, I didn't try to get it. Just watched it.

Made my Shelly proud!!

Oh, I also retrived pen and got bag off bookshelf.

Good nite!

Almost 2 months at new home

Time for my Shelly to start on my 2 month monthly report, whatever that is. Shelly has been working on getting me to help her tranfer when we wake up, I did it 2 times. I think I did good. My Shelly told me "Good Girl", so must have done good. Yay!! Sometimes I dont help transfer, I hear Boo & my Shelly's mom outside room door and wanna get out. I wanna help my Shelly, wanna get out too. Working on button to open door, cant quite get it. Not sure where to "Tap It". I get it soon! I work hard! Jewell want to help my Shelly, not sure how!

My Shelly told I get 2 go with her 2 meet her state representative person. Not sure what that means!

Still getting used 2 new home!!