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Task Update 12/27/2010

My Shelly was working with me to get me to Retrieve pens today without chewing them up. After a few tries, I did it. They got chewed a little. Jewell need practice. Try again tomorow.

My 1st Christmas in my New Home

My 1st christmas in new home with my Shelly & her family was scarry at 1st, I got used to it. Met my 3 doggy cousins, they stay here at house 3 days with their mom & dad. The dad is my Shelly brother. My Shelly, brother & brothers wife, I think cooked food for 2 day. Food smelld good!! Jewell & other dogs play while they cook, had fun. I got lots of toy for christmas! One from my Shelly & mom & 2 from Shelly friend, I think they calld him Lee. Toys squeak. Jewell drink lots of water. My Shelly get mad a few times, I had to go outside evry 10 minutes. I think it made Shelly tired.

Shellys other brother, I think his name David, came upstairs for christmas dinner. So my Shelly ask mom to put me in my kennel. I like kennel time, helps me relax. I dont know David very well. Dont think David like Jewell 2 much. My Shelly tell me its ok, David dont know what a big help I can be. And I am still getting used 2 my new home.

Monthly Report

It is time for My Shelly to send in my Monthly Report to KSDS (Whatever that means). She says I am being a really good girl, I just need more practice on my skills. We work on a few skills everyday, not too much or as she puts it I get bored. Right now My Shelly is working with me on retrieving what she drops, I love retrieving. She is trying to teach me how to open the door for her with the auto button, it hard for me to figure out. I can do the Go Up part, I dont quite understand the Tap part & where I am supposed to touch it. I will work hard for my Shelly & make her proud of me. Shelly also wants me to help turn lights off in her room, not quite there yet either. I try hard, maybe little more practice. Jewell wants Shelly to be happy.

Oh, went to vet today to get wieghed, weigh about same as when I came to my new home with my Shelly.

I am having hard time adjust to new home, new schedule & new rules. Jewell is getting there slow. ;-)