Most Asked Questions of KSDS Puppy Raisers.

Do you go through special training to be a puppy raiser?

There is a 4 hour class on the day you get your puppy and puppy raisers submit monthly reports on the progress of their puppy. Many areas have regular get-togethers. Kansas City/Lawrence gets together once a month.

How do you give them up?

It’s hard, that’s no lie. But, when you get to see the puppy you raised partnered so perfectly, it makes it more than worthwhile. It’s a way to give back and give someone the independence so many of us take for granted. Where else can you impact someone’s life so dramatically from one’s own home?

Do you get to met the puppy’s partner?

Yes, puppy raisers get to meet the person the puppy they raised is partnered with. If the graduates so desire, they keep in contact with the puppy raiser promoting life-long friendships. Meeting the partner of the puppy you raised is the reason many puppy raisers continue to raise and the anticipation of meeting their partner makes giving them up a little easier.

Do the puppies in training ever get to have fun, or are they always in training?

Yes, the puppy’s get to have fun. They need to have breaks from working just like people. And, playtime can be a great training experience too. The puppies learn how to relieve stress and socialize. KSDS, Inc. encourages puppy raisers to make all training experiences fun.

Do you get paid?

All puppy raisers are volunteers. It is a great way to ‘pay it forward’ and is an excellent way to give back to the community in a positive way.

Does the puppy live with you?

Yes, the puppy learns house manners by living with the puppy raiser. Many puppy raisers take their puppy to work with them too. They also take them when they run errands to the grocery store, shopping, church and more.

How do you get them to be so calm?

Puppy raisers work very hard to socialize their puppies and acclimate them to as many different situations as possible. It’s this getting puppies out and used to many different situations as possible that allow the puppies to be calm and relaxed around new people and sounds. The puppies learn that these different situations are just a fact of every day life. This in turn helps them focus on their duties as a working dog when they are with their partner later on in life.

Does the puppy do any tricks?

Yes, and No. Many of the “tricks” the puppy knows are actual commands they will use later on with their partner to help give their partner independence. On average, a puppy returning to KSDS for formal training knows 40 commands. Of course, they will learn more advanced commands at KSDS. Puppies do learn tricks too that are just for fun and that isn’t associated with formal training. Some of these tricks are “kiss”, “bow” or “crawl”.

Does KSDS breed their own stock?

Yes, KSDS has a strong stock of breeding dogs. Many go through the same training as other puppies in training. Their future is just not going to be with a partner, it will be to breed future partners. KSDS uses Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers in its program. Litters are named based on a theme.

What is the puppy raiser financially responsible for?

Hill’s Science Diet is a corporate sponsor for KSDS, Inc. They provide puppy food at no charge to puppy raisers. The food is shipped via UPS to the puppy raiser’s home.

Merial Pharmaceuticals is also a corporate sponsor and provides puppy raisers Heartgard free of charge.

Puppy raisers are responsible for all other fiances involved with raising their puppy. Many veterinarians offer discounted or free services to puppies in training.


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