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Boy cat, i think his nam is Mokey, bother me again today. He hiss at me & slap me. Make Jewell sad!! Jewell just wanna play. My Shelly told me to give it time, the kitties will gt used to you bein here. But you cant chase them.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was a busy day for me! There was a lot of pepl here. This lady they call Dana, was here all day. She cooked turkey, hens, mashed potatoes, what they call yams, carrot cake cheesecake, chocolate chip pie, pumpkin pie, rolls, dressing. She brought over some whar she called Deviled Eggs. Yummy, it smeld good. Then 3 kids came. I nevr seen thes pepl befor. I be good hole time, i downd by my Shelly's feet. Then this prson they call David, Shelly Put Jewell in kennel. When my Shelly come get Jewell, i say Thank You!! To much for Jewell to handle. Jewell was Quiet in kennel.

Monday, Nov. 22

I am gettin somewhat settled in & used to things at my new home. There r 3 cats that live here, we get along good. My Shelly is making me work a little more now that Im gettin used to things, taking it slow so I dont get to tired.

More later...

Friday, Nov. 19, 2010

Today I went with my Shelly to her Drs appointment, both Shelly & her mom told me I was a very good girl & did a "Good Job". Drs & nurse people commented on what a good girl I was & how pretty I am.

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010

I'm bored!!

Sissy doesnt make me work because it mks her person she calls dad mad cuz she gets excited when I do good. I no play, I make noise. The dad person not like noise.

The things that my sissy calls kitties annoy me. Jewell doesnt like litle gray kity. And dad person. Sissy tells me it wil be ok an all beter in a few days. Jewell hopes so.

My Shely gav me a banky it has big Yelow an Blu bird on an leters that sa KU, whatevr that means. I lik my banky.

Most Asked Questions of KSDS Puppy Raisers.

Do you go through special training to be a puppy raiser?

There is a 4 hour class on the day you get your puppy and puppy raisers submit monthly reports on the progress of their puppy. Many areas have regular get-togethers. Kansas City/Lawrence gets together once a month.

How do you give them up?

It’s hard, that’s no lie. But, when you get to see the puppy you raised partnered so perfectly, it makes it more than worthwhile. It’s a way to give back and give someone the independence so many of us take for granted. Where else can you impact someone’s life so dramatically from one’s own home?

Do you get to met the puppy’s partner?

Yes, puppy raisers get to meet the person the puppy they raised is partnered with. If the graduates so desire, they keep in contact with the puppy raiser promoting life-long friendships. Meeting the partner of the puppy you raised is the reason many puppy raisers continue to raise and the anticipation of meeting their partner makes giving them up a little easier.

Do th…

Interested in an Assistance Dog?

If you are needing an assistance dog - visit or visit our informative page about the types of dogs KSDS places and applications to get you started. Or call KSDS at (785) 325-2256, ask for Terri.

If you are interested in being a puppy raiser, visit and download an application. Or call (785) 325-2256 and ask for Deb.

Need some more info to decide? Come to one of our meetings. We would love to have you and share our passion with you. Visit our upcoming events page for the next meeting time. Or, contact Larry B. for information about upcoming area meetings or to schedule a presentation.

Interested in an Assistance Dog?
Do you have questions? Would you like to schedule a presentation? Want to find out more about being a puppy raiser or getting an assistance dog?

In Kansas City - contact Larry Braddy by email or call (913) 341-9708.

In Lawrence - contact Nancy Giossi by email or call (785) 841-0310.

KSDS, Inc. Contact Information:
124 West 7th Street
Washington, KS 66968

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30 States (We’re not just in Kansas anymore!)

KSDS is a member in good standing with Assistance Dogs International (ADI)


He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

-Author Unknown

4th day at home

Went to Dr. appointment with my Shelly and her mom, I was really good. I even surprised a few people at how well behaved I was. There were lots of little people (babbies) with the mom people there, I did not bark at them. See I was the perfect Service Dog well almost perfect, I just would not pick up things with Halti on. Don't like that but Sissy says I need to wear it for a while longer that it makes me Heal better.

First days Home

Our first full day home was Sunday, November 14. Jewell had trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and the three cats that live here. She got slapped 2 or 3 times by the male cat, she said "I just wanted to play".

Too many visitors around comparing Jewell to Boo (retired Service Dog), too much input and stimulous. According to Jewell, "humans are confusing, don't know what they want from me"! They tell my Shelly what to tell me and I don't understand.

Monday was a little better. I got plenty of exercise, I retrieved and gave items to Shelly and did button on door. My Shelly was excited and gave me lots of praise!! I got in trouble for eating off the floor a few times, makes me sad but I know My Shelly does this for my own good. I know My Shelly still loves me!

Tuesday I went to doc (Vet), was good girl until my Shelly took harness off. Got in trouble for bolting away going after Kitty.

Vet took me in room, Shelly's mom went with me doc told my …