June 2014 Minutes

Call to order Lisa 6pm 2nd by Chauncy Attendance Shelly, Margaret, lisa, chauncy, angela Opening comments Budget posted by chauncy in board page Angela taking over as secretary Review of march april and may minutes Lisa moves we accept minutes Angela 2nd Old business Angela appointed to board by shelly Upcoming events Zona rosa CCI will be there Paws for Autism is coming Paws for Freedom – shelly has met person in charge Shelly will contact her to ask her to come to paws for help in August Shelly will provide contact info to lisa Zona rosa has a few tables – up to 9 or 10 CCI, AngelPaws, Paws for Freedom will have tables provided Activities provided by lisa from last year Fabric dog toys – table for that Can borrow one tent for sure May have 2 tents CCI has own tent The grove is air conditioned with cold floors Dogs can cool off there Set up time will be 11 Angelpaws there at 10 Ends at 4 Inviting Larry Got a 4 pack of tickets for T-bones Chiefs sending something Powel gardens hopefully Fill out for Truman library Boulevard – try them Build-a-bear again Haven’t heard from mavericks or royals Museum at prairie fire Must pick up How do you approach someone to be a sponsor? Usually big names and national JE Dunn, Boulevard Banks through human resources Rotary clubs of the area Local fire department and police stations, ideas that lisa has gotten Fire department – birthday package at fire station Sheriff’s department – ride along, meet and greet with sheriff July 30th presentation Club north – invited angelpaws to come present for 30 or so minutes Rosemary head of zona rosa told them about angelpaws Chauncy can help Ability expo Lisa part of day (morning) Angela can help (all day) Challenge air Lisa part of day Angela can help (all day) Budget Split up budget into categories Specific program for non-profits through excel Proposed numbers for $5,000 goal Professional fees in red – start trimming down Need to look at what we are really paying for Non-profit connect – necessary? Access to grants Grants.gov is free $125 a year Generating income Surverymonkey.com Marketing agency Give 50 cents per survey to non-profit of your choice School Come in and give a speech about you can do it so can you National association for social workers $250 for speaking engagement Support dogs out of st Louis Charge flat rate for presentations $25 week days and $75 weekends 2 pershing square – can use board room with chauncy’s rent Invite rotary club or local business owners in Heads of mega churches Once a month – like minded groups of individuals i.e. Restaurant and bar association, DC’s 30 min presentation Pass out cards and brochures and tell them to tell their friends Start in September when united way starts Incremental goal - $5000 for year Break up into $10 chunks (500 people to give that) Website Vistaprint – new website $15 a month with 1st month free LMNO designs is charging $25 a year but doesn’t do much Angela’s brother can help Angela work on getting website changed Domain name Whose is it Get our domain name back – angela will work on it Link to donate online to you Where to go Paypal Google wallet Get it advertised more Color changed, make bigger, separate donation page (talk about 3 main ways to donate – mail, events, paypal) Keeps amounts asking for are small Bills Liability Hopefully break up into payments that are smaller Shop around to see what is best insurance $450 a year, specific for non-profit Covers if someone gets bit by a dog or gets scratched when giving a high five Address issue with service dogs – not covered under home owners or renters insurance Chauncy will look into it Ability expo $50 Non-profit connect Not keeping it up New business Have to have a budget Document everything Can’t hide minutes and agendas Have to be posted so many days in advance Have to have transparency Adjournment Lisa motions Margaret’s 2nd Adjourned at 7:5pm


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