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Paws for Help: making the impossible possible


Get That FroYo


AngelPaws Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 6pm – 7pm 9023 NW Anglia Rd Kansas City, MO 64155 Agenda Call to Order Introductions Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes Chairperson’s Report [Item] Treasurer’s Report AngelPaws funds currently in bank = Old Business Spin The Wheel game (?) Shiela Vendors Sponsors Publicity New Business Board Commitment AngelPaws Bills due Online Auction for Chiefs autographed picture Website = Next Meeting: Aug. 27 Adjournment

Tips on how to treat people w/disabilities

DISABILITY TERMINOLOGY: PEOPLE-FIRST LANGUAGE INSTEAD OF SAYING: USE: Disabled -OR- crippled ­-OR- Person with a disability -OR- Lame -OR- afflicted -OR - handicapped Person who has a disability Confined to a wheelchair -OR- Person who uses a wheelchair -OR- Wheelchair-bound Person who has a wheelchair The mentally retarded People who have mental retardation The blind Person with blindness -OR- Person with low vision The deaf -OR- deaf mute -OR- Person who is deaf -OR- deaf and dumb Person with a hearing impairment Invalid Person who is paralyzed -OR- Person who has paraplegia/quadriplegia Crazy -OR- insane -OR- nuts Person who has a mental illness DISABILITY ETIQUETTE Why do we need disability terminology and/or disability etiquette? Because one in five Americans has a disability. That means approximately 49 million Americans have a disability, which makes people with disabilities the largest single minority group in the US. Kansas and Missouri have an even higher percen…

Birthday Extravaganza!!


AngelPaws "Wish List"

Dell Inspirion 1525 Laptop battery Black & Color ink for Canon Printer -- Blck: PG - 240XXL; PG - 240XL; PG - 240 Color: CL - 241XL; CL - 240 Case(s) bottled water Ice Chest(s) on wheels Bags of ice Gift Cards to: Staples Office Max Target Sam's Club Price Chopper Wal-Mart Hy-Vee Gas Cards Printer paper Butterfly Paperclips File folders Label Maker (Brother P-Touch) with tape Letter size & Legal size Envelopes Stamps Jump/Flash Drives Tide Pens Hand Sanitizer Glue Sticks